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PdfNotes Pro is an iOS universal app providing paperless learning, working, and living. It can take handwriting notes, record audio and sign PDF documents on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad or iPad Mini. It can annotate PDF documents, PDF textbooks, and PDF forms. For example, you can take handwriting notes on any blank space of a PDF page, and you can even add a few pages of handwriting notes into your PDF textbooks.


zCountries is a mobile tool for those interested in travel geography, and knowing more about the world. It provides four different views for the list of countries: Sorted by Name, Sorted by ISO Number, Sorted by Country Code, Grouped by Type.

Say Reminder lets you say a reminder in voice on your iOS devices(including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), and get reminded by your iOS devices automatically in the future.

Chinese101 is an educational software tool developed for English-Speaking people who want to learn to speak some basic Chinese. Its design goal is to be a mobile tool which can help English-Speaking user learn to speak Chinese whenever they have a few free minutes.

Photo Journal lets you remember every precious moment of your life by shooting a picture and then writing down your feeling.